One of the things Uni students often like to do is take a stand for an issue or belief; Asylum seekers, uni-fees, the safety and security of women and minorities on campus, (cheaper car parking prices), and so on.

At Deakin Christian Union we want to ‘Stand’ for Jesus.

That is

  • We want people to know that we think Jesus is important, and worth connecting with
  • but also, that we act in certain ways because it is important to Jesus.

This all comes out of the claim that ‘Jesus is Lord.’
That is, the Bible’s big (and most offensive) claim is that Jesus is the ruler of everyone and everything. You, me, the men and women who clean the campus, the vice-chancellor, the lecturers and tutors – even the ‘stuff’ campus is made of; mutant way and the cheese-grater building. Jesus is Lord of it all.

But… he is a good lord of all. He is not an oppressive overlord. He is not cruel or unfair. Instead he is a good and gracious master, and in him (and him alone) true freedom and real fulfilment is found.

And so… we stand for him. We stand out for him. We stand up for him. For his honour, and for our campus’ good. In his strength and for his sake, we do our best to live for him and speak of him.

You’ll see us ‘standing’ on campus in lots of ways. Whether it’s by giving away free food, or gathering to pray or our campus, or inviting friends to read the Bible or starting conversations about Jesus with people  we’ve just met – we stand for him.

Deakin CU’s mission on campus is to help people stand for Jesus.

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