The 30 second tram-stop challenge


Before you read any further… (and yes I know that’s almost impossible now… :) pick up your phone – set the timer for 30 seconds – and see if you can beat the clock. See if you can say a good clear gospel outline – before the machine goes ‘bing!’.

Your time starts… now!

We pray, of course, God will give us lots of opportunities for far more than a 30 second conversation about Jesus. Be it in our late night musings with a flatmate, or in regular bible reading with a friend, we pray God will give us long opportunities to share the gospel as we share our lives.


But sometimes that’s not what he gives, is it?
Sometime what he gives is the quick conversation in the wait before class. Or the quick conversation at the bus-stop or tram-stop. And the question is – are we ready for it?

Can we share the good news about Jesus – before the machine goes ‘bing!’ (or the tram arrives… or they just tune out…)?

At CU we’ve come up with a simple little outline to help. A 30 second tram-stop outline.

It’s a based on the much fuller and much better Two Ways to Live gospel outline. And it goes a little something like this…


Every single one of us – was MADE by God.

Every single one of us – has TURNED from God.

And so – every single one of us – should be PUNISHED by God.

Now I know that sounds harsh, but see heres the REALLY great news
That same God who MADE us – is the same God who SAVES us.

          Even though ALL of us have turned away from Him

God sent his own Son – to DIE in our place.

God sent his own Son – to RISE as our King.

And now everyone – has a CHOICE we must make.

  • either live with Jesus as our King
  • or face God alone for our sin


The 30 second tram-stop challenge