Pray for us on mission

Summer Missions are just around the corner for Deakin CU

We’d love it if you would pray for us before, during, and after!

Pray for the two churches: Surrey Hills and Rochester Presbyterian Churches, that they might welcome and love us well. Pray that their part of Jesus’ mission might be extended by our short time with them.

Pray for the students that they are godly and gracious servants of Jesus, his gospel, and the particular churches that they are partnering with.

Pray for those who will share their testimonies that they will do so clearly sharing their story in God’s story – and that they won’t be nervous.

Pray for all the students who will be teaching or proclaiming the gospel at Youth Group, Nursing Home, or any place between that they will speak clearly, faithly, and engagingly – and above all that people will be saved even through their halting words.

Pray for the Staff and Student leaders that they will love and care for the teams well, and lead them into self sacrificial service of God and each other.

Pray for us on mission