2 finger gospel outline

So there you are… sitting in your Monday morning lecturer… twirling a left-over Take a Fresh Look at Jesus postcard in your hand… (that one you’d intended to give to a friend, but didn’t quite get to)… when suddenly – it happens. That girl you’ve made small talk with, on and off for the last few weeks, turns… she looks at your postcard and says, “So… Jesus hey? What’s the deal with him?”

“Sorry?” you say, trying to make sure you really did hear what you think you just heard (it’s been a particularly day-dreamy lecture…)

“Jesus”, she says again. “You’re in to him right? What’s the big deal with Jesus?”

What would you say? Would you be ready?

Do you have a gospel to tell – a gospel at you finger tips?


We have this thing we taught our kids – to help them remember what Jesus has done for them – and how they can share it with others. We call it the ‘two fingered gospel’.


And it goes a little something like this…

Us and God were made to be like that. [two fingers crossed] 2 fingers1

In perfect relationship, perfect friendship, perfect life.





But because of our rebellion and rejection of Him…

because we pushed our God away and sent him to edges of our life…

2 fingers2We made ourselves like that. [two fingers in a v]






2 fngers3And what’s more we built a wall between Him and us: like that.[flat palm inside the v]

A wall we can do nothing about.

A wall that attracts God anger – and keeps us from Him.



But praise be to God…

because of what He did for us in Jesus…

because he sent his Son…

to live for us, and

die for us, and

rise again as king.

God broke down our wall.

2 fingers1so that if we trust in Jesus – we can live with Him like that – again.[remove the palm – two                                                                                                           fingers crossed]


That’s the big deal with Jesus.

Now where did I put those left-over postcards…?

2 finger gospel outline
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